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Clinitas Soothe

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Clinitas Soothe

Clinitas Soothe

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Clinitas Soothe
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Produced by Altacor

Dry Eye Treatment - Clinitas Soothe is a natural, preservative-free eye drop in easy to use single containers.

It has a uniquely high concentration of sodium hyaluronate, which along with its optimised molecular weight ensures prolonged relief from dry eyes.

25% extra free offer - while stocks last
There is also a new version of Preservative Free 10ml bottle version.

Instructions for use

Read the instructions leaflet with the product. Clinitas Soothe stabilishes and boosts the tear film. It is a preservative ffree eye drop in an easy to use resealable droppers. It has a uniquely high concentration of sodium hyalauronate, which occurs naturally in the eye and hydrates the tear film, this helps to provide long lasting comfort protection.

Clinitas Soothe is ideal for busy, active people with dry, gritty, scratchy, tired eyes caused by:

Computer use, TV watching, driving and reading

Modern living (air conditioning, central heating, air travel and polution)

Sensitivity to preservatives

Wearing Contact Lenses

Outdoor activities

Hormonal cycle, Menopause


20 Resealable Individual Droppers and get 5 free. (Maximum 12 hours from opening)

Sodium Hyalauronate

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MyEyes | Dry Eye Relief |  Clinitas Soothe

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