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Which product to choose for Blepharitis?

We have brought together the best products from many suppliers and really they all have their uses. Experts now recommend towards Preservative Free products and we've tried to highlight these to make your choice easier. However, recommendations from a medical or optometric specialist are always the best place to start.

For blepharitis, a good combination to choose is the Blephamask and Blephacura cleanser.You'll need a microwave for the Eyemask. This product retains its heat for longer than convention Hot Compress treatments. Blephacura is one of our best selling products. We have even made a special pack where you can buy suitable application pads for trouble free treaments.

For dry eyes on a computer or at work, a great item is Clinitas Soothe. Obviously, Preservative Free, but you're able to re-seal for use later in the day. By far the most cost effective products are the Hycosan range. A special pump application dropper bottle delivers a measured amount to your eyes, so no wastage. These bottles typically give 3 times as many drops for the same volume of solution. A great all round product from the range is Hycosan Extra.

Blepharitis Pack Lite
Blepharitis Pack Lite

Suitable for when you have
no symptoms of dry eyes.
Ideal for a stye, chalazion or
redness around the eyelid margins.
Blepharitis Pack
Blepharitis Pack

A combination product for the successful
treatment of severe blepharitis, to include
Cleansing Pads, Comfort Drops, Eye Mask
Supplied as a three month treatment kit

MyEyes | Eye Health | Help and Recommendations |  Products we recommend

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