Eye Examination

The consulting room at 68 Exmouth Market

A standard eye examination is available for simple screening for eye disease and determining your spectacle correction needs. For this we charge £34.90. This is available through the NHS for those patients who are eligible and we take Edenred Eyecare Vouchers as well. 
A Comprehensive Eye examination is available for helping you with a particular concern. It may be headaches or flashing lights. This involves all in a standard eye examination, but will include more in depth assessments or tests to help explain a problem. More time is allocated to you, so it is useful to know in advance that you will wish to have this examination. 
The emphasis of our eye examination is comfort for you but using "Gold standard" equipment to target your needs. Many of my instruments are the standard ones that you would find if you visited a Hospital Eye department. Here it is available for your eye examination. We have a Humphrey VFA, which has been the most respected instrument for checking a patient's visual field.


We have a Zeiss GDx VCC scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope for another level of assessing Glaucoma risk and investigation.
A Nikon fundus camera is used to assess patients who have ocular conditions likely to change such as glaucoma or choroidal pigmented areas. Fundus photography allows us to monitor for change, this is also the standard instrument for assessing ocular risk from Diabetic Retinopathy. 


NHS or Private Examination

We may be able to see you through the NHS. There are many people who get a free examination and help towards the cost of glasses and contact lenses. 
Here are some reasons for getting a free eye examination 
If you are; 
Under 16 
Under 19 and in full time education 
Over 60 
If you or your partner receive; 
Tax Credit 
Income Support 
Income based Job Seekers Allowance 
Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
If you have: 
or have a direct family history of Glaucoma and are over 40 years old 
or are considered at risk of Glaucoma (as determined by an ophthalmologist) 
a complex prescription (ie over 10 dioptres) 
a HC2 certificate