This is an ideal Travel Size pack, lasting about 12 days. This is not suitable for hand lugage for a flight, but is still compact for your holidays.It comes complete with a new case. It disnfects and stores all soft contact lenses including silicon hydrogels. It is suitable for sensitive eyes. It also removes protein build up.When Easyspt Peroxide Solution is added to the special lens case, the neutralising disc causes a distinctive fizzing action, effectively disinfecting and removing protein from all soft contact lenses. After six (6) hours the peroxide solution is completely neutralised into a preservative free saline solution and your lenses are read for use! Discard bottle and lens case 90 days after opening or after 35 uses, whichever occurs first.

EasySept One-Step Peroxide Soluton (120ml)

  • Manufactured by Bausch+Lomb

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