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Please read the letter regarding missig RGP and silicone hydrogel information (picture 2)


6x 250ml Bottles, plus 6x lens cases.Cleans, Disinfects, Stores, Rinses, Wets/Rewets, Lubricates, Soft, RGP & Sillcone Hydrogel contact lenses.


Quattro®, an outstanding multipurpose contact lens solution for both SOFT and RGP contact lenses which incorporates a unique dual surfactant system.


Quattro® does not allow even a hint of smearing to take place

  • The disinfecting system is the tried and trusted 1 ppm PHMB
  • 2 unique surfactants, Lubricare A & Lubricare B
  • Lubricare A & B enhance the surface wettability of RGP lenses and the wettability of SOFT lenses [in the case of the latter by stabilising water retention]


Availability In stock


Quattro Solution Double Pack (6 Months supply)

  • Manufactured by Abatron Solution.

    Cleans, Disinfects, Stores, Rinses, Wets/Rewets, Lubricates.

  • If you wish to get regular supply please

    follow the link below to set up direct debit plan.


    We will send your product automatically at the regular interval so you dont have to worry about it! it is simple and hustle free!

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