Regard Contact Lens Solution (3 months supply)

Regard Contact Lens Solution (3 months supply)

  • Oxygen relasing formula (in situ oxygenation)
  • No residual chemicals and a special lens lubricant
  • Destroys harmful bacteria and breaks down bacterial enzymes and toxins
  • Removes protein deposit
  • Only preservative free contact lens solution

    Manufactured by Advanced Eyecare.

    2 x 350ml
    1 x Case
    Patient leaflet
    For all Soft contact lenses
    Discard 3 months after opening

  • Technical / Instructions

  • Regular Supply

    If you wish to get regular supply please

    follow the link below to set up direct debit plan.

    We will send your product automatically at the regular interval

    so you dont have to worry about it!

    It is simple, safe and hassle free!


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