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2 Hour Service for Spectacles

We are able to supply the following lenses on the same day in most circumstances and on most days. 
Thin Flat and Light Aspheric Reflection Free lenses from +5 to -6 from £109. 

Thin and Light Nikon multicoated lenses
We are able to supply powers from +8 to -12 usually within 24 hours. There are some restrictions and will always exclude high astigmatism, but we are able to supply most high astigmatic powers in 2-4 days

Our main suppliers are
Nikon Lenswear UK Limited
Jai Kudo Lenses
Wholesale Lens Company
Norville Eyewear

Dunelm Optical

Andrew Keech

Making quality eyewear needn't take an age. We are proud that we have a quick delivery time on most products and having our own glazing facility help product great glasses

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