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Professional Fees

We want you to be sure of how much money you are spending on our services. We therefore advertise our fees to be as clear as possible. We can not account for every eventuality but we are committed to be as transparent as possible. 


Standard Eye Examination

This may be available to you through the NHS. However should you have to pay a standard eye examination is £36.00. This typically is for a 20-30 minute appointment and covers the regulatory eye examination suitable for most patients. 
There are some symptoms where a standard test is inappropriate. These include Flashing Lights or new floaters.

Fee £36.00 or free through the NHS


Minor Eye Conditions Service

This is typically an emergency appointment to be seen within 1-2 days and involves a new condition causing a specific concern or problem. This could include Flashing lights and floaters, a red eye or a painful eye. Lid lumps and bumps or other problems also come under this type of examination. If you are registered with a NHS GP in Islington, Hackney, City and East London CCG areas then this service is Free. If you are not covered through the CCG, then a charge of £49 will apply. This will include the costs of all investigating eye drops required and may include a basic treatment.


Visual fields

Zeiss Humphrey Visual fields have been the mainstay of Hospital diagnosis of diseases such as Glaucoma for over 30 years. Our instrument helps determine the visual standard. this instrument is really useful when used with the GDx VCC.
Fee £25 - Screening, £35 Full threshold, £25 Macula, £35 Central 10-2 
Drusen / ARMD across a larger area and Neurological. It is recommended by the College of Ophthalmologists for monitoring Hydroxychloroquinine Ocular Toxicity.


Laser Ophthalmoscope

Zeiss GDx VCC Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope is a game changing instrument used in the diagnosis of Glaucoma and other optic nerve disease,

.The instrument digitises measurements of the nerve fibre layer in the macula retina and associated optic disc. Over years it can monitor change accurately.

Fee £25

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Colour Vision Assessment

The Ishihara vision book is the main test used for assessing colour vision however practitioners rarely say that it only investigates 2 of the 3 types of colour vision anomaly. Some practitioners feel it only gives a pass or fail answer but really it is rarely fit  for purpose. I have a City University Colour Vision Test that tests for all three types and classifies their severity giving a more complete picture.

Fee £30

Dilated Assessment

Available free when eligible for a NHS eye examination, but if required privately helps with the diagnosis of Macular Degeneration, retinal Tear/detachment and Glaucoma.

Fee £39 includes diagnostic eye drops

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each test comes with a comprehensive evidence based interpretation of the results of diagnostic instrumentation from a practitioner with over 30 years experience.