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Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)
Community Urgent Eye Service (CUES)
Community Eyecare Service (CES)


Available to NHS patients who are registered with a GP in the Islington ICB areas. This service is free. We are now able to see patients who have been referred to MECS, CUES and CES in some areas as well. We are part of a growing network of Optometrist under Primary Eyecare Services. 

Flashing Lights, Floaters, Red eye, etc

Delaying is not a healthy options and you should seek professional help from your GP, from our Optometrists or the Hospital. 

Andrew is qualified in the provision for care in Minor Eye Conditions and in Islington this service is extended for enhanced service of Cataract Referral and Glaucoma Referral Refinement. All patients registered with a GP in the Islington area are able to get a consultation with Andrew. You will be asked your symptoms to confirm it is one of the conditions covered. All appointments are funded by the NHS as part of the shared care scheme.

This is not an eye test and will be centred around the presenting symptom only. If necessary, Andrew will be able to prescribe medications and carry out relevent referral to an ophthalmologist if required.

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