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1-day Acuvue Moist  is a premium quality hydrogel soft contact lens.

Manufactured by: Johnson and Johnson.

It has been widely used for over 5 years and gives the wearer good comfortable wear. Supplied in two pack sizes for added convenience. We do also have available the new 180 lens packs but we do not send these through the post as they are not letterbox friendly.

Etafilcon A IV 2

BC 8.50 and 9.00

Diam 14.20

Instore price £101.40 per 3 months supply.

The premium contact lens from a world leading company. The highest UV protection of any daily disposable lens. A moist lens for comfortable all day wear. The convenience and health of a fresh, new lens every day. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. A Handling Tint. Laceron technology. 123 Inside out indicator.

1 Day Acuvue MOIST Box of 90

  • Etafilcon A IV 2

    BC 8.50 and 9.00

    Diam 14.2

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