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  • Blephasol is an aqueous cleansing solution
  • Added convenience of 100 pads included
  • Particularly suitable for those who wouldn't normally buy cotton wool pads
  • Tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes

Blephasol Duo Eyelid Hygiene Lotion with 100 Pads, 100ml

  • Manufactured by Thea.


    The best cleansing solution on the market now with cotton cleansing pads.


    Micelle lotion for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids.Blephasol mechanically removes impurities, stains, dried secretions and make-up from eyelids and base of eyelashes.

    Great as a Make Up Remover
    Free from preservatives
    Suitable for contact lens wearers
    Suitable for sensitive skin

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