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  • Calocloth is regarded as the finest microfibre cleaning cloth on the market
  • Unlike other cloths which we have laboratory tested, the Calotherm cloth actually removed grease and residue rather than merely pushing it around
  • The special properties of the fibre have also been enhanced during the final stages of production. The cloth is reduced in size resulting in a greater concentration of fibres
  • The unique formulation of the Calotherm Microfibre Cloth far exceeds any conventional cloth and enable grease, dirt and moisture to be removed from the most sophisticated of coatings
  • Calotherm has been supplying its branded products world-wide since 1934. Customers have found a variety of applications suited to our merchandise from cleaning glasses, goggles, mirrors and windows, to compact disks, cameras, computer screens, diamonds, cockpits, cars and boats

Calotherm 8 x 6-Inch Calocloth Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 1)

  • Manufacturer - Calotherm.

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