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Clariti® 1 day is designed to help you provide more of your daily disposable patients with the benefits of silicone hydrogel material.
Because silicone hydrogel lens material allows more oxygen to pass through to the cornea than hydrogel, your patients will appreciate the benefits of whiter eyes and a healthier(2) lens-wearing experience. The clariti 1 day lens allows 100% corneal oxygen consumption(3). In fact, it provides more than the recommended amount of oxygen(4) across the entire lens surface to help maintain ocular health.

Clariti 1 Day

    • Breakthrough Smart Silicone™ chemistry uses less silicone leaving more room in the lens for built-in channels of moisture and provides optimal lens softness over other silicone hydrogel daily disposables.
    • UVA and UVB protection*
    • Daily replacement lenses

    Delivering on comfort: MyDay® utilises Smart Silicone™ chemistry to deliver an exceptional patient experience. 

    The technologically advanced silicone channels in the MyDay®  material transport oxygen so efficiently that less raw silicon is required. This sustains inherent wettability and facilitates optimal water content.

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