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Please read the letter regarding missing RGP and silicone hydrogel information! (picture 2)


3x 250ml Bottles, plus 3x lens cases.Cleans, Disinfects, Stores, Rinses, Wets/Rewets, Lubricates, Soft, RGP & Sillcone Hydrogel contact lenses.


Quattro®, an outstanding multipurpose contact lens solution for both SOFT and RGP contact lenses which incorporates a unique dual surfactant system.


Quattro® does not allow even a hint of smearing to take place

  • The disinfecting system is the tried and trusted 1 ppm PHMB
  • 2 unique surfactants, Lubricare A & Lubricare B
  • Lubricare A & B enhance the surface wettability of RGP lenses and the wettability of SOFT lenses [in the case of the latter by stabilising water retention]

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Quattro Multifunctional solution 3 month pack

  • Manufactured by Abatron Solution.

    Cleans, Disinfects, Stores, Rinses, Wets/Rewets, Lubricates.

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