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Ideal for patients who:

  • Are emerging or established presbyopes looking for a lens that offers clear and crisp vision at all distances from near to far1
  • Are current  monovision lens wearers looking to experience binocular vision at all distances1
  • Want to wear contact lenses from the moment they wake up until when they go to bed
  • Are health conscious
  • Have a busy life, work hard and play hard


Total 1 Multifocal 1 box of 30 lenses

  • delefilcon A The only water gradient multifocal contact lens. Water content (%) Core Water Content (%) 33%; Surface Water Content (%) > 80%. Precision Profile™ Design. Front surface: Aspheric. Back surface: Spherical

  • Daily disposable lens with unique water gradient material. SmarTearsTM Technology Tear film stabilisation for reduced dryness and better contrast sensitivity. The highest breathability of any branded daily disposable lens* White, healthy-looking eyes3. High water content at the surface9 Minimises friction with the delicate tissues of the eye, for a contact lens that feels like nothing10,11

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