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VisuXL Gel is a smart gel, transforming from a drop in the bottle to a gel in the eye. It is based on a novel combination of ingredients including Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose (Cross-linked CMC) and Poloxamer 407. Cross-linked CMC forms a protective cushion on the surface of the eye providing highly effective relief and comfort. Meanwhile, CoQ10 has been shown to protect the eye and promote the healing of corneal damage from dry eye disease or eye surgery. Poloxamer 407 is a smart thermo-gelling agent, which allows the solution to be administered as an eye drop and upon contact with the eye's surface, transform into a gel. VisuXL Gel is preservative free, contact lens friendly, provides 12 hour dosing with 2 drops per day, and is suitable for both day and night use - 5ml bottle.


For Mild / Moderate Dry Eye

VisuXL Gel

Out of Stock
    • Manufactured by Visu Farma
    • Box contents 1 bottle 10ml
    • Instruction Leaflet inclouded
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